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Hello my name is Sandy Vandenberg.  I am a Master Healing Science Energy Practitioner and an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach.  I have had three years of formal education in energy work with Rukha Academy of Healing Science.  This is the only licensed energy healing science school in Minnesota and entailed over 500 hours of coursework.   I now have been practicing for over 6 years.   I have completed intensive coursework and certification with the Integrative Wellness Academy of California with a review of excellence in my work.  In addition, I continue to self educate and discover new methods in healing  through multiple classes, books, and lectures.

Healing Revelations is an integrative and holistic healing practice.  My practice involves providing treatment for the whole person with a goal of creating balance in all four body systems, mentally, emotionally,  physically, and spiritually.  All of these systems are interconnected and directly affect the health of the other.  I use a combination of techniques not only to provide healing for my client but also to empower my clients to self heal.



Bio-Energy Work

Bio-energy work is a hands on healing modality but also uses psychological techniques and processing as part of the healing process.  “Laying on of hands” allows my clients to receive information from their own body, mind, and spirit.  It allows me, the practitioner, to gain information about my client’s energetic, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being.  Intuition, higher sensory perception, and spiritual guidance are also elements of my work.

A healing session may include hara healings, guided meditations, processing of limiting beliefs and patterns, emotional release techniques, visualizations, mind-body techniques, chakra repair and balancing,  bio-energy pre- and post surgical work, and grief processing (death, miscarriage, abortion, divorce) among others.

Some Benefits of bio-energy work are:

Helps relieve physical and emotional pain

Induces deep relaxation

Accelerates the body’s natural healing process

Increases vitality

Balances the chakra system

Supports the immune system

Aids in better sleep

Restores self love and trust from within

Eliminates toxins

Reduces Stress

Clears old limiting beliefs

Helps access and process repressed emotions.

Provides balance of mind, body, and spirit

Helps release anxiety and fear

Reduces inflammation

Provides clarity of mind


Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching

As an integrative wellness and life coach, I council my clients holistically to gain wholeness, health, and balance in all areas of their lives, be it health, relationships, career, finances, self development or spirituality.  I facilitate the empowerment of my clients to make positive change in their lives though the use of effective tools, techniques, and action steps.

A coaching session would result in my client creating a personal plan to move them toward wellness, balance and health in the areas of mind (thought life and patterns), emotions (emotions and relationships), physical (health, physical surroundings and situations), and spiritual health (spirituality and awareness).  My role is to support my client in their personal growth process to help them to move through their blocks and achieve the goals that they want to accomplish.

Goals of Wellness Coaching:

To help empower my clients to live holistic balanced and successful lives personally and professionally.

To give my client tools to self heal, make the changes they desire, and grow towards wholeness.

To support my clients in gaining freedom from the past and overcome habits and patterns that block fulfillment in an area of their lives.

To work together with my client to help discover and take the actions necessary to live the life they desire.


Benefits of Wellness and Life Coaching:

To realize effective goals and actions

Make congruent choices

Bring more clarity in thought process

Have fulfilling relationships

Have emotional balance/harmony

Bring congruency between conscious and unconscious mind

Have a strong, healthy, and balanced body

Provide a feeling of stability and safety

Acquire inner peace



To walk in a place of true self and purpose


Fees:  Bio-Energy Work-$75.00 per session or $195.00 per three session package

Integrative Coaching Session-$100.00 First Session and $75.00 subsequent sessions

Cash, check, or credit cards accepted

Phone for appointment:  651 367 4655

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