Theresa May

Multi-disciplinary holistic healer, teacher and presenter of Mind-Body Integrative Medicine


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Shiatsu Asian Bodywork Therapies             (Certified January 1998 MCSS Minnesota Center for Shiatsu Studies now Center Point)

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Intuitive Wellness Assessment  (1996 -1998 MCSS)

Qigong healer & Reiki master healer/teacher  (Certifications 1996 – 2001 The Meta Institute)

Distance Healing  via phone, Skype, Google +, email

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy  (Certifications 1999-2003 The Meta Institute & The International School of Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy)

Life Times Hypnosis  see Soul’s Incentives (Self Created) Past Life Regression, Life between Lives, and how these self discovery processes affect you in this life.                                                                                      

T.L.C. Transformational Life Coaching (Self Created) (Certifications in NLP, HNLP, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Coaching 1999-2003 The Meta Institute & The International Schools of NLP & Therapeutic Coaching)


Certifications, Diploma’s, and additional training background

Master Hypnotherapist Master practitioner of HNLP, Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Master practitioner of NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapeutic Coaching Reiki master/teacher Qigong healer Core Shamanism “Basic Core Shamanism” and “Dying & Beyond” Shiatsu ABT Asian Bodywork Therapist which includes: Namikoshi Zen shiatsu Anma shiatsu Tuina Jin Shin Do Ampuku Foot Reflexology Sooji Hand Therapy Practitioner of TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Guasha Cupping Moxi-bustion.
Theresa May has been a student and teacher of various forms of Qigong since 1996 including all 4 levels of SFQ Spring Forest Qigong and in 2005 the Guide Program of SFQ training and in 2009 formal certification of level 1 with Master Chunyi Lin allowing her to teach.  She also received accreditation to teach the international form of Tai Chi Chih in 2001.




I hope you will find all the information you are looking for that will assist you along your path to wholeness, the state of well being. You may be visiting this site to learn more about mind body integrative therapies. Or maybe its attending classes or retreats that you feel called to sign up for at this time. It is my desire to keep the information new and relevant for your life and for these times that we are all living. As always I acknowledge the beauty in synchronicity, how the power of our thoughts and prayers guide us to the very things that we need. I trust that this is why you are truly here right now.

It is my mission to be a resource for healing, inspiration and wisdom that restores well being for our body, mind and soul. I believe that through healing ourselves on all levels, we as a collective humanity can heal our planet. As we cultivate peace and love from within we not only restore harmony in our being, we transmute this peace and love out to the world.

I invite you to see your power to ‘choose’ to live more fully in life, to move beyond dis-ease and addictive habits. I’m here to offer support and guidance along your healing journey and to help you reach your desired outcomes quickly and with ease…please join me now for the journey that will transform your world.